Lenovo thunderbolt 3 dock not charging p52

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Lenovo thunderbolt 3 dock not charging p52

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Docking solutions play a very important part in the world of business laptops, as they allow the user to transform their portable PC into a desktop-like computer without the hassle of plugging in many cables. Traditionally, business systems like Dell Latitudes, HP EliteBooks and Lenovo ThinkPads had a proprietary docking-port for a specialized mechanical dock at the bottom of the system.

In the last years though, those kind of solutions have started to vanish, as a bottom-port limits how thin you can build a laptop. Another "victim" of this trend: The recently released ThinkPad P52the newest addition to Lenovo's mobile workstation lineup. Different from those machines however, the P52 did not include a new mechanical docking-port on the side. Not many details about this new accessory have been released, except for a picture showing that this isn't a traditional mechanical dock.

Instead, its a cable-dock. Thanks to the recently released userguide for the ThinkPad P52we have obtained some additional facts about this new dock. The ThinkPad Thunderbolt 3 Workstation dock is indeed a cable-dock with a single cable to connect the dock with the laptop. Lenovo achieves this by melding Thunderbolt 3 and the proprietary Thinkpad Slim Tip charging port into a single cable.

Curiously, the dock requires two chargers, one to power the dock and one to power the laptop. As for the capabilities of the dock, it has plenty of ports. On the front, the dock has one USB 3. On the back, there are four additional USB 3. The dock also provides security and convenience features: On the side, there is a Kensington lock and on the top of the docking-station, Lenovo has located the power button, which turns on the dock. The power button can also be used to turn on the connected ThinkPad.

We don't have a release date or a price for the dock yet. A release can't be too far away though, with the imminent release of the P As for compatibility, so far only the ThinkPad P52 has been confirmed to work with this dock, although we would expect that the yet to be announced After all, special docking-systems like this one are typically not made for just a single model.

Best Displaysfor University Students. Userguide ThinkPad P With the announcement of the ThinkPad P52 a few days ago, Lenovo also announced a crucial accessory, a new dock. But the company didn't release too many details about this dock, besides is name. Thanks to the ThinkPad P52 manuals, we can now take a closer look at this new dock and its specifications. Dock Status Indicator 2. Combo-Audio 3. USB 3.

Kensington-Lock 2. Power button 3. RJ45 6. DisplayPort 7. HMDI 9. AC-Power Related Articles. Sensitive to onscreen flickering? USB-C 3. Virtual keyboard SwiftKey coming toNote that this behavior can happen with all brands of Thunderbolt devices, and is not specific to Plugable devices.

In all the cases we have seen so far, the cause was determined to be that the Thunderbolt device lost its authentication status in Windows during the OS update. While video outputs will always function regardless of authentication status, the USB ports, Ethernet port and audio port will not work if they are not properly authenticated.

If things stop working as expected, the best path forward is to uninstall and reinstall the Intel Thunderbolt software with an updated version if available to help ensure that the Intel Thunderbolt software that controls the authentication process is in a good state. To do so, follow the steps below:.

lenovo thunderbolt 3 dock not charging p52

Disconnect the Plugable Thunderbolt 3 dock from the system and remove its power cable so it turns off completely. Please keep it disconnected until prompted. Restart the system, even if not prompted. Download and install the latest version of the Intel Thunderbolt Software published by your system manufacturer. Restart the system once again, even if not prompted.

Reconnect the power cable to the Plugable Thunderbolt 3 dock, and then reconnect the Thunderbolt 3 cable from the dock to your system.

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If that is the case please just proceed with the next step for now. Please test any non-functioning ports in the dock again. If that does not help and you are using a Plugable Technologies product, please reach out to us directly via support plugable.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Thunderbolt 3 dock not working in Windows 10 after the April update? We can help! To do so, follow the steps below: 1. Leave A Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Updating the Thunderbolt firmware solved the problem.

I did have the latest Thunderbolt software, but the firmware was old NVM v After dating to NVM v 45 the monitor now works. View All. Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions. See our Sustainability Report. This website uses cookies. By browsing this website, you consent to the use of cookies.

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ThinkPad P52 TB3 Dock

The first time I was away from my computer for an extended period the whole thing locked up. The screen was blank on the monitor. I moved the mouse and the monitor screen did not wake up. I opened the laptop lid and could see the screen. When I closed the lid the external monitor came back to life, but the mouse and keyboard did not work.

The computer was locked. Is the Workstation Dock firmware up to date?

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Thunderbolt 3 Workstation Dock Gen 2 monitor P52 firmware. I'm a user, NOT a Lenovo employee. If my post helped, consider giving me a Thumbs Up. If I solved your issue, please mark it as Solved. Forum Home. Community Guidelines Please review our Guidelines before posting. Check out current deals! Go Shop. Top Kudoed Posts Subject kudos.

Top Kudoed Authors User kudos. Stay in touch Our commitment to the environment Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions.I receive a message on the laptop Windows 10 that the power supplied from the dock is insufficient.

I feel this should be a sufficient configuration and power supply to power the laptop while connected to the dock. Do I need a more powerful supply? Or did I miss some sort of configuration somewhere? Or is there a hardware problem? Something else that I haven't thought of? I don't want to connect any more than I have to when arriving at work for the day, and there is a shortage of power sockets anyway, so solving this problem is important for me.

I've also noticed that the USB-C cable has the number 3 printed on each plug, next to the power sign lightning markand I wonder if perhaps this means it is a 3A cable delivering a maximum of 60W, which may be to little for the P52? It may charge using USB-PD while powered off, but it would be slower than using the correct charger, and you would want to keep a close eye on it while it does charge to make sure nothing overheats. If there are two USB cables, which are able to deliver up to W, will the P52 and Thunderbolt between them figure out how to balance that?

The has two PSUs 65W and W and one integrated cable to both power the workstation and supply signal. It seems I need to get a W power adapter for the dock, using the W adapter for travelling. But at least I now know that I have the correct dock version. It came cheap, without a power supply Have you tried that? I really doubt that this can work, but please leave a note about your results. Remaining power adapter - W I plan to leave in backpack it's bit smaller than W.

I hope everything here should work as I expect :. Yes, this setup sounds good. Once I had the right dock Gen 2, the one with two power input sockets I was away and running.

I also have a Gen 1 dock at home, and I have a 65W power supply for that, and then a spare W supply for the power directly to the laptop when using the Gen 1. This is almost the same as what you are proposing, and it works fine. View All. Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions. See our Sustainability Report. This website uses cookies. By browsing this website, you consent to the use of cookies.

Learn More. APP Download.If you want to read about the dock itself, you will find a separate review about it here. This can happen when the connector is slightly turned to one side, and the power connector does not connect. It is very easy to cause. Sometimes the initial connection is not that good, then again sometimes moving the notebook slightly on the table can cause this. It is easy to fix, but equally easy to miss.

I have several times wondered, why my notebook is losing battery just to realize that there is no power connection.

Lenovo ThinkPad Thunderbolt 3 Dock Gen 2 135W

When connecting push the left side of the connector to make sure it is fully connected. When you connect a Thunderbolt 3 dock for the first time to the computer, you must approve the TB3 connection to the dock. If the connection is not approved, the dock will not function. Devices connected to the dock will not be connected to the computer. I imagine this is some sort of security requirement, so that it would not be easy to connect complex devices into the computer.

Often a popup will appear to approve the device. You can choose to approve this device forever, or just once.

But this popup will not always appear. Solution: approve the device from the popup, or go and manage approved devices in the Thunderbolt 3 software to approve this device. I wish I could create custom aliases for the devices. Having the same dock at home and at work shows the same name for both.

lenovo thunderbolt 3 dock not charging p52

Sometimes peripherals will not be recognized by the dock. This means both displays and USB devices. This is different from the dock not being marked as approved.

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There are multiple solutions to this one though:. Solution 1: Reconnect the dock. Solution 2: Power cycle the TB3 dock. Remove the 65W power connection from the dock itself, and then reconnect it. Solution 3: If neither of the previous steps worked, try rebooting your notebook. If you have problems with the dock, check for firmware and software updates regularly. You can find them on the following page at the Lenovo support site.

Note that the instructions do not tell you this, but after the dock firmware has been updated, reboot your computer and reboot the dock as well by removing the power to the dock, and reinserting it. Otherwise, it will not function properly. Also, before you do this, some additional updates like the audio firmware will refuse to install.

Lenovo Vantage will also want to update the Thunderbolt 3 software sometimes.I contacted Lenovol support and they send me a replacement unit. The the replacement unit has the same problem. Thinkpad Thunderbolt 3 docking station does not charge Thinkpad P51 battery. I need to plug in the power adapter for both docking station and notebook. Does anybody have similiar problem? Everbody's p51 would be the same.

The thunderbolt port won't work as a charging port.

Lenovo Thunderbolt 3 Dock Usb Not Working

The thunderbolt specs specify w max. That's not enough. Your thunderbolt port is not for charging. To charge via the dock, you need a workstation dock, not a thunderbolt dock. A thinderbolt dock can charge things like an x1 carbon 5th gen or x1 yoga 2nd gen. It has the USB-C dock. Some users dock charges their machine, for others it doesn't. Lenovo really needs to gets its act together in providing a real solution.

The Thunderbolt 3 Dock will not charge my Thinkpad, and a message saying that the dock is not providing enough power shows up on myminitor. I wonder if anyone have a solution to this problem. View All. Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions.

See our Sustainability Report. This website uses cookies. By browsing this website, you consent to the use of cookies.

Learn More. APP Download. All Forum Topics. New Reply Solved! See the solution. Re: Thinkpad Thunderbolt 3 docking station does not charge Thinkpad P51 battery. Rich I do not respond to requests for private, one-on-one help. Your questions should be posted in the appropriate forum where they may help others as well.

If a response answers your question, please mark it as the accepted solution. I am not an employee or agent of Lenovo. This helped me too.

lenovo thunderbolt 3 dock not charging p52

Forum Home. Community Guidelines Please review our Guidelines before posting. Check out current deals! Go Shop.The "A Thunderbolt controller has experienced a problem and cannot connect to devices or other computers until new firmware is installed " dialog box popped up several times.

However, it no longer shows up. I believe after some googling this means the controller went into "safe mode" for some reason and will only accept firmware updates now. Both USB-C ports stopped working properly peripherals connected to either of those ports are not functioning. I was able to use those ports just fine few days ago. This results in batteries charging only when power consumption does not exceed 15W i.

Most likely due to the same reason the following message is now shown during every reboot: " The connected AC adapter has a lower wattage than the recommended model which was shipped with the system. To boot with the AC adapter, please connect the AC adapter which was shipped with the system. Press Esc to continue. Thunderbolt controller is enabled in BIOS. It looks like Power Delivery is not being negotiated between the power adapter and the laptop due to malfunctioning? Thunderbolt controller.

It is unclear whether it is a hardware issue or some catch 22 with controller not waking up because it wants the firmware update and firmware update not being applied because the controller is not waking up.

I am having the same exact problem. Thunderbolt Controller not showing up in Device Manager. I wiped and reinstalled Windows 10 and it did not resolve the issue. USB 3. My laptop is worthless to me right now as the battery just keeps going lower and lower in percentage. This dock is able to provide up to 85W of power.

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As I've mentioned before - both USB-C sockets are not functioning for data transfer even with power supply disconnectedonly accept the basic 15W USB power provided by the stock power supply when PD is not negotiated. Also having this issue. I'm wondering if some recent updates came through Lenovo System Update in the last week that caused this because I was fine 2 weeks ago.

Looks like I was on 1. I can confirm that going back to BIOS version 1. My dock still isn't charging the P52s, so another recent update must be responsible for breaking that. Are you sure downgrading to 1. I've tried downgrading to every BIOS version including 1. At some version laptop stops complaining about insufficient wattage and starts reporting 65W power supply in Lenovo Vantage, but the charging speed is still slow as before.

Nearly all ThinkPads have defective USB-C ports: What to do now

I believe the laptop still gets only 15W of power, but older BIOS versions are simply not capable of properly detecting the power supply mode, or reporting the charging issues. View All. Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions.

See our Sustainability Report. This website uses cookies. By browsing this website, you consent to the use of cookies. Learn More. APP Download. All Forum Topics.

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